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Do You Want to Sell?

Para Vender

We have three ways to work with you:

  1. Model Exclusive – Mini commission.
  2. Model Open – Open.
  3. Productive Model – Plus. Variable fee based on the agreed objectives (time and money).

In all of them we guarantee:

  • Comparative market analysis, we guide you on about the market price of your apartment. You always have the final decision.
  • We advise you about the best conditions for the presentation of your property.
  • We offer a marketing plan customized to the characteristics of property: DAFO analysis, Assessment of your property, Selection of potential customers, Design and Implementation of advertising and promotion actions, etc.
  • We inform you about each visit to your property, by sending you a periodic report. We agree with you the strategy to market your property.


Security – Law – Finance – Trading.

We accompany you throughout the process of selling your home. If you want we tell you personally how we can help you, please, fill in these two forms. You will also receive a 100 euros discount on your first order:

Form 1

Name and Surname*


Phone number*

What kind of property do You sell? What area or place do you interested in?*

What is the price you want for the property?*

How did you calculate a selling price of your property?*
My neighbor sold his property for that price.It's what I need to buy another home.It is the amount of money I invested in this property.According to my calculations It is the price in the area.My property was recently been reviewed by a professional.

Would you like we help you to calculate the price you are selling for?

Form 2

Name and Surname*


What year have you bought the property or it was an inheritance?

Do you have a mortgage?

How much time have you the property for sale?
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If You sell today do you have everything ready to move at short time?

Do you need to sell for buying a property?

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