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Hello, my name is Jose Enrique Suárez Galindo, Manager of Look-IN Real Estate.

I discovered soon my love for helping people, interacting with them, advising them and making life easier for them. After a long commercial experience in the real estate sector I decided to found my own real estate agency in Granada, an adventure idea.

Under the clear idea that another way of doing things is possible, that you can innovate in the sale of houses in Granada, and that as all sectors evolve, real estate agencies in Granada had to evolve, I launched this exciting draft.

Our company philosophy is simple, prioritize people over all things. We do not deal with bricks, we deal with people. This that seems simple and is forgotten by many professionals, putting their personal interests above those of the client.

When buying a home or selling it, each client has a history, a need, and our obligation as a professional is to facilitate the whole sale process.

This creed makes me feel proud and happy about my work, and that every day I try harder to achieve full customer satisfaction, which in many cases also becomes a good friend.

Our philosophy is fundamental, but also to sell a flat in Granada or any type of property, a solid formation is necessary.

In our Real Estate Agency in Granada we bet on training and we are continuously preparing to improve more as real estate experts.

We have a good company philosophy, a good training but even if they are good pillars to work in the sale of flats in Granada is not enough, you need a working methodology and protocols.

In our real estate agency in Granada, we have developed everything that should be done since the first call of a client is received until he signs the deed of his house. Improvisation for us does not exist, because buying or selling a house is the most important financial transaction in a person’s life.

But where we stand out above all in the sale of houses in Granada is in our marketing and promotion actions.

Many real estate agencies in Granada try to commercialize in the same way a flat in the center of Granada of 450,000 euros that one of 100,000 euros, a house in Granada of 1.000.000 euros that a townhouse of 120,000 euros. In our real estate we have it clear, each house has its target, its way of marketing and its specific actions.

Our strategy is to push each property to the corresponding market niche and not stay static until the miracle occurs. We will be happy to explain personally and without any commitment, what channels we use, what specific actions, what innovations we provide when selling your house in Granada. We can show you personally that for our real estate agency to market your apartment in Granada will not consist of the simple poster recipe, real estate portal and web.

There are some myths when choosing a real estate agent, thinking to give your home to the agent who offers the most lower fees. It is a big mistake, because it will end up much worse selling your home than what is saved in fees. First, how a real estate agent will defend the price of his home if he is not even able to enforce his fees?

When you have a medical problem, and you need a specialist, on what basis do you decide to select a doctor? In choosing the cheapest specialist? Even if this supposes a greater risk for your health, or Give your health to the most reputable and experienced specialists? Do not answer me, I already know the answer.

Our mission as real estate experts is to obtain the best possible result avoiding any problem and inconvenience.


List apartments for rent in Granada

The rental of apartments in Granada is another of our most specialized services. We are very conscientious at the time of selecting the tenant, and if we see the glimpse of a problem, it simply is not rented and we continue with the selection of the most suitable tenant. There is even the possibility with our comprehensive rental service that we take care of all the arrangements that a owner has with his tenant. If you are interested in this last way to rent your house in Granada, contact us.

Buy house in Granada

If you are thinking about buying a house in Granada, we have a wide range of apartments, houses and villas in Granada. For customers looking to buy a house we have a work methodology that will save time and problems. After carefully listening to your needs and priorities, we adjust the search to the properties that meet the customer’s requirements.

From our real estate agency we guarantee all people looking for a house in Granada:

  • Always prioritize your interests throughout the purchase process.
  • Explain each step of the process by establishing an action plan to find your home in Granada.
  • Show them all those houses for sale that meet the characteristics selected by you.
  • Once your proposal to buy a house has been accepted, we will assist you in all the formalities prior to signing the public deed of sale.

Business premises in Granada

We also have an important offer of commercial properties for those who decide to start a business. From premises in Granada to industrial warehouses.

Not only we are dedicated to show you the premises in question, but if we have business exploitation data in the area we will share them with you, so you can analyze in depth the profitability of the investment.

If we do not have the desired property in our portfolio, tell us what you need and we will commit ourselves with you to look for it.

Rent apartments in Granada

If you are looking for a house in Granada, we have a wide selection of properties of all types: houses, villas, flats and apartments.

Tell us the features you are looking for and we will gladly inform you of all those properties that can fit your needs. In short, we are ready to help you in any real estate intermediation assignment, from a new perspective within the sector your needs are ours, avoiding problems and giving you customized solutions. If you have any kind of order, please contact us and we will explain how we can help you, I promise you will be worth it and you will notice the difference.

Look-IN Real Estate: Inmobiliaria de tu confianza. ¡Ven a conocernos!

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